• Hi, my name’s Adele and I started Outbound Books, an independent digital publisher celebrating female awesomeness.*



  • (*Notably painfully American term... though I’m based in London with no actual ties to America, I am prob the biggest wannabe American you will ever meet, so it seemed fitting.)


    I started Outbound Books with the deliberate goal of growing it embarrassingly slowly. Like that slow runner kid at school who takes like 3 hours to finish the run that took everyone else 30 minutes… (I wasn’t that kid…)


    Having spent the past decade working in the tech startup world, where so much focus can be on growing at breakneck speed, I wanted to resist that approach and instead focus on values that were more important to me. I started a company to maximise time spent on things I’m passionate about: producing content, writing books, helping women.


    I’m a big fangirl of Cool Wholesome Businesses that stand for something more than profits alone (think Kiva, Icebreaker, Patagonia, Whole Foods…) Since I really wanted to join that gaggle of companies (badly), part of Outbound Books’ annual profits go to Room to Read and part of our quarterly profits run digital literacy and confidence programs for young women.


    As for my own background, I grew up globally, got a BA Honours from Melbourne University, worked on an award-winning social enterprise that I started with my best friend Pam, then moved to London and worked in marketing and product management with tech startups.


    Learning about career transition through my several years with Escape the City gave me the material for my first several books, available on Amazon. I then worked with Virgin, then law startup Lexoo. I also kept writing for the Huffington Post and became ridiculously interested in gender equality, the heart of which can be summed up by this Martin Luther King Jr. quote:


    “Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anaemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.”


    Outbound Books’ website is en route but until then you can keep in touch via Medium, Twitter, and join our list above to find out when we launch. (I say ‘our’ but it’s really just me, writing from cafes, spending most of the day trying not to feel like a loser.)


    Happy reading!


  • Upcoming books

    A series of debates on what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

    "In the future,

    there will be

    no female leaders.

    There will just be leaders."

    - Sheryl Sandberg

    Why are females


    in tech?

    "When I look back to my younger self, I would tell myself to be confident first and foremost, to believe in myself, before anyone else because if I believe in myself, then others will too.”

    - Tiffany Pham, Mogul founder

    A story about commitment, modern love, and learning to recognise The One.

    "People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants.

    But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back."

    - Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love

  • Just graduated?

    Check out "Finding Fulfilling Work" - a no-bullshit guide to figuring WTF to do with life post-college.

  • Books about careers

    Finding Fulfilling Work: 

    A 21st Century Career Guide for Millennials

    A book for recent graduates

    Careers have become increasingly complex. Getting a credential and gaining an education have become two separate things. These days, if you want to find work you love, you need to rely on your own exploration instead of waiting for a degree to point you in the right direction. Finding work you love in the 21st century is about taking a LEAN approach to career development (Learn, Experiment, Achieve, Network).


    Available on Amazon here.

    Leaving Law: 

    How Others Did It And How You Can Too

    An escape guide for frustrated lawyers

    If you were only going to do the lawyer thing until you figured out what you were really going to do with your life... you're in luck. This is the ultimate companion for lawyers who want to escape their profession but are sceptical about career counsellors. Easy to read, it has inspiring anecdotes, frameworks from internationally leading career change experts, and immediately actionable tips and exercises to help you build a career transition strategy.


    Available on Amazon here.


    Download free sample here.

    8 Ways to Escape the MBA Debate

    Skip the confusion and make an informed decision

    An MBA can make or break your career, but the investment is daunting. Is it really worth it?


    Through hundreds of hours of research, interviews with graduates of the world's top business schools, and insights from successful entrepreneurs who have deliberately decided to avoid an MBA, this is the definitive guide to help you answer, "Should I get an MBA?"


    E-book available here now.


    Download free sample here. 

  • Official bio, etc

    Adele Barlow is the founding director of Outbound Books, an independent digital publisher based in London. She is the author of "Women & Work: Paths to Female Leadership in the 21st Century" (release date November 2016). Her book “Finding Fulfilling Work: A 21st Century Career Guide for Millennials” is based on her years working with career change platform Escape the City.


    She is passionate about coaching female digital talent and has written over 30 pieces for the Huffington Post on gender equality and entrepreneurial career development. She has spoken at Google, General Assembly, The Guardian, King's College, the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, and will be speaking on gender relations at Cambridge University in December 2016. While getting her BA Honours from Melbourne University, she co-founded award-winning social enterprise yMedia and has also worked in startup content marketing with Lexoo and Virgin.


    More details on Linkedin here


    I co-founded yMedia, which went on to become an award-winning social enterprise supported by Microsoft, IBM, and Saatchi & Saatchi, producing digital campaigns for charities around New Zealand.

    Escape the City

    Escape the City is a London-based 

    community of corporate professionals who want to do something different with their careers. I helped to develop and launch their education initiatives.


    Lexoo is a curated online marketplace of specialist business lawyers, revolutionising the legal industry through delivering full price transparency. As marketing manager, I ran content and partnerships.

  • Articles

    Huffington Post column here

    Why Female Entrepreneurs Are Scared to Lean In

    We have devalued what was traditionally considered women's work

    If you choose to pursue your own dreams instead of existing to support those of a man, you no longer need to apologise. Yet no matter how progressive we like to think we are...


    Top 10 tips for female entrepreneurs

    More women are taking the plunge and launching their own businesses

    If you want to feel good about making strides with building your business, you need to be around women who are comfortable with ambition and dreaming big.


    It's Okay Not to Be Passionate About Your Day Job

    Today's workplace seems to be much more than just a marketplace

    For millennials, 'work' has almost taken on a spiritual obligation - it has become a place where we are meant to find meaning and redeem not only ourselves but also the world around us.


    The Importance of Failure

    Any start-up exists because it is trying to achieve product-market fit

    You can be the best experimenter in the world but you still can’t control the results. You can only become better at influencing certain variables and reducing the time it takes you to synthesise the results into an action plan.  


    Overcoming the Overachiever's Quarter-Life Crisis

    If the answers were easy, there would be no stories to tell

    The more stories I hear, the more I realise that an impasse makes it is easy to feel anchorless, yet I am reminded by our members on a daily basis that we are lost only until we search for what may have been inside us all along.


  • Coaching clients

    I trained in cognitive behavioural coaching with the British Psychological Society

    and coached millennials from the following organisations, which inspired my early books on career change.

  • Past speaking engagements


    Training EMEA Product Marketing Managers

    Girl Geek Meetup

    Sharing lessons about online community growth

    General Assembly

    Teaching social media strategies for startups

    King's College

    Recruitment event: finding a job in tech startups

    The Guardian

    Instructor for digital masterclass on iterative product development

    NZ Trade & Enterprise

    Keynote speaker on upcoming social media trends

    KEA (Kiwi Expat Association)

    Training SME owners in digital skills


    Panel speaker with Conservative MP and The Sunday Times Editorial Director

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