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      Rethink: Work

      "As part of a new series exploring how we can recalibrate in times of crisis, we explore what the role of a Chief Joy Officer is and why you might want to assume this position when WFH."


      What If I’m Still Unsure About Having Kids When It’s 'Too Late'?

      Plenty of women (myself included) are delaying even the question of kids because your thirties is right when your career is taking off.


      Brand New: Soho House Stories

      Interviews with emerging startups from around the world, such as Bottlecode, The Grand Dishes Project, Project on Walls, and Grow Your Circle.


      What Nobody Tells You About Turning 31

      "That’s how I feel about this upcoming birthday. Like I am becoming semi-expired spinach."


      The importance of failure

      "I used to avoid failure because it made me feel stupid. Then I noticed that anyone who had done anything interesting was immune to how failure made them feel."


      How do you start a business that changes the world?

      "Icebreaker has pioneered the new retail category of merino outdoor clothing and was conceived and designed around the philosophy of profitable sustainability."


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