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Coming Soon: "Leaving Law" in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Available for sale in April 2015.

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"Leaving Law: How Others Did It & How You Can Too" 

If you weren’t a lawyer, who would you be? How would you survive without your current salary? Where would you even begin?

Leaving the legal profession comes with a whole set of questions that are difficult for anyone to answer. You’ve invested significant time and energy into your legal career, so it can be tough to gauge whether it makes sense to walk away.

This guide helps you through the early stages of the career change process. With a broad collection of inspiring real-life anecdotes alongside frameworks from leading career change experts, this is a tool for intelligently assessing how you could build a new life beyond the legal profession.

It is based on years of experience with helping hundreds of lawyers from Escape the City, a global community for people who want to ‘do something different’ with their careers.

What you'll get from this guide
  • Insights from ex-lawyers who left Linklaters, Hogan Lovells, DLA Piper, Simmons & SimmonsCMS Cameron McKenna, and Squire Sanders, among other prominent City law firms;
  • The real meaning behind any 'quarter life crisis' and how to move through feeling stuck;
  • How to increase your understanding of why becoming a lawyer can make a person unhappy;
  • How to stop beating yourself up for not 'knowing' what you want to do next;
  • The secret tool for increasing your inner clarity and strength;
  • The 3 common self-sabotage scenarios hindering career change;
  • Why 21st century career construction is different to what our parents experienced;
  • Why entrepreneurs think differently to lawyers;
  • What to look for when searching for fulfilling work;
  • The 3 main concepts of career reinvention;
  • How to stop using money as an excuse not to quit;
  • Practical ways to address the financial insecurity of legal career change;
  • Actionable suggestions on building your financial runway;
  • Advice from world-leading career change experts;
  • Links to over 25 of the best books, blogs, and resources on getting unstuck and getting inspired for your career change; and
  • Much, much more.
"The book is a real treasure and truly reaffirmed and consolidated (previously sub-conscious, now conscious) thoughts of my own."
- Zoe
"I find that the guide goes to the heart of many of the reasons why lawyers find it hard to change careers. When it suggests advice and solutions, they are spot on and elicit deep thinking."
- Alfonso
"The guide is a very interesting read. It is very well structured and appeals to a lawyer's mindset of assessing the validity of arguments based on their intrinsic logical value and whether they are supported by coherent anecdotal evidence. The guide has succeeded in making interesting arguments (e.g., identifying mental barriers, importance of preparing strategically, etc.) and then using the narrative of the testimonials to prove the point."
- Alfonso
"The book did really resonate."
"In much the same way that Escape The City addresses a burning need among people stuck in corporate purgatory, Leaving Law caters to an even more niche market within that demographic, and a niche market that's growing rapidly."
- Nativ
"The Guide provides solid advice on how to start the process of leaving the law." 
- Anna
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