• The Almost Girlfriend

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  • A Modern Woman

    Women who want both work and family are facing a double bind that has always
    existed: the ideal worker is available 24/7 and so is the ideal mother. Millennial
    women have been told to dream big, but in reality, there not only remains a glass
    ceiling, but also a glass wall and a glass cliff.


    So how do you build a life on your own terms? It starts with redefining work, tuning into your own inner voice, and finding the resources that can help. Women are bringing new blueprints to the world of work and trying to trade the traditional career ladder for the new career jungle gym, flexibility, and gender intelligent leadership.

  • On the future of work

    Finding Fulfilling Work

    Careers have become increasingly complex in an era of globalisation and technological advances. Getting a credential and gaining an education have become two separate things. These days, if you want to find work you love, you need to rely on your own exploration instead of waiting for a degree to point you in the right direction.


    Finding work you love in the 21st century is about taking a LEAN approach to career development (Learn, Experiment, Achieve and Network). No matter what you are currently doing, this book helps you to take control of your career and steer yourself in a more positive direction.


    Using a wide range of stories, it is based on years of experience helping hundreds of smart, driven and lost millennials through the early stages of career change. It is a crucial first step in any recent graduate's journey towards fulfilling work.



    Leaving Law

    Dream of making partner at your law firm? If so, then this book isn't for you. (Same thing applies if you adored every single minute of law school.) Yet if you were only going to do the lawyer thing until you figured out what you were really going to do with your life... you're in luck.


    This is the ultimate companion for lawyers who want to escape their profession but are sceptical about career counsellors. It is based on years of experience helping hundreds of confused lawyers at Escape the City, a community of motivated corporate professionals who want to do something different with their careers. Easy to read, it has inspiring anecdotes, frameworks from internationally leading career change experts, and immediately actionable tips and exercises to help you build a strategy for your career transition.



    8 Ways to Escape the MBA Debate

    An MBA can make or break your career, but the investment is daunting. Is it really worth it?


    Through hundreds of hours of research, interviews with graduates of the world's top business schools, and insights from successful entrepreneurs who have deliberately decided to avoid an MBA, 8 Ways to Escape the MBA Debate is the definitive guide to help you answer the question: Should I get an MBA?



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