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    Resilience in the Burnout Era

    On finding the strength to get back up when you get knocked down, as shared at Makers’ International Women’s Day breakfast.


    Chief Innovation Officer Summit

    "Trusting people to be adults, making them feel safe and letting them bring their whole self to work is the ideal but it's a work in progress."


    This House Would Lean In

    Participated in a debate at the University of Cambridge discussing the motion ‘This House Would Lean In', alongside Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP.


    New Entrepreneurs Foundation Ladies-Only recruitment event

    "We’re the emotional human. We consistently believe we cannot do it, we understate our ideas, we give up easily. But the fact is, we can do it. And being emotional is what makes us so talented."


    New Entrepreneurs Foundation cohorts: digital marketing session

    "There are two ways to tell your story when you’re pitching your business. It makes your ‘pitch’ so much less offensive (you all know what I mean) and makes the conversation that you’re about to embark on just that. A conversation."


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