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      Resilience in the Burnout Era

      On finding the strength to get back up when you get knocked down, as shared at Makers’ International Women’s Day breakfast.


      Chief Innovation Officer Summit

      "Trusting people to be adults, making them feel safe and letting them bring their whole self to work is the ideal but it's a work in progress."


      This House Would Lean In

      Participated in a debate at the University of Cambridge discussing the motion ‘This House Would Lean In', alongside Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP.


      New Entrepreneurs Foundation Ladies-Only recruitment event

      "We’re the emotional human. We consistently believe we cannot do it, we understate our ideas, we give up easily. But the fact is, we can do it. And being emotional is what makes us so talented."


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      Social Media Strategies for Startups (General Assembly)

      You know that you need to consider social media strategy and management when growing your startup, but how do you maximise your investment of time and resources? This class helped founders understand how to realistically and effectively use social media to grow.

      Digital bootcamp: communities (The Guardian Masterclass)

      General Assembly and The Guardian partnered for a weekend long bootcamp exploring how business is being done in today's digital world, looking at innovative business models, iterative product development, and key experience principles. I taught the session on building communities.

      Digital Marketing 101 (New Entrepreneurs Foundation)

      "There are two ways to tell your story when you’re pitching your business. It makes your ‘pitch’ so much less offensive (you all know what I mean) and makes the conversation that you’re about to embark on just that. A conversation."



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      Congress London: Monthly Member Spotlight

      "Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. In fact, it’s what enables you to do far more than you’d be able to do alone. Great things are rarely achieved by a lone individual, more often than not, great things come from great teamwork."


      Making the most of coding bootcamps

      How aspiring developers can make the most of coding bootcamps, with a focus on how to avoid being duped by a programme that promises more than it can deliver.


      The Award Changing the Narrative Around Women in Tech

      "We are not little girls who need gold stars and stares because ‘wow we're women AND we can do great work (?!)' — instead, I believe in elevating women. In this case, shining a spotlight on the rising stars within tech."


      CIO Summit: Makers' pursuit to build a diverse and inclusive tech industry

      "In some ways, I feel like tech can make us lonelier – it's eroded the need for as much in-person communication as before, which in many ways is sad. But in other ways, it can connect people who wouldn't otherwise find each other, and that's hopeful."


      Broadminded: "Using business and books to do things differently"

      "The most interesting projects have always come from the most interesting conversations. Whenever I've needed inspiration, I've always come back to what excites me. If I've forgotten what that is, I go back to who excites me or which conversations have left me feeling really energised."


      Disruptors magazine: "What it means to initiate a lean career"

      "The book focuses on practical tools for grads, or people who are building a career from scratch without financial or familial obligations. There’s a unique window of unparalleled freedom and flexibility that recent graduates have, and I’m trying to help them maximise that."


      Talk Editor: "Helping You Find Fulfilling Work"

      "When I graduated from university, I felt like I was stumbling around in the dark, and I kept looking for a flashlight in the form of a mentor or a map or something that would magically make the process much easier."


      A global exploration: "What I See"

      "We still work in a world built and run by men. As any minority rises to power, the status quo is threatened. So the dominant members of the status quo will fight to preserve their position, constructing and enforcing systems that keep things exactly the way they are."


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