• The love you find

      is the love you seek

    • The Almost Girlfriend

      A story about pseudo-relationships

      While her classmates were protesting against climate change, Alyssa quietly built herself a career in renewable energy finance. After that career brings her to London, she turns to solving something even more challenging: her love life.


      Nobody told her that dating apps were the emotional equivalent of Tough Mudder. Most of her friends are settling down but Alyssa isn’t sure she wants white picket fences.


      During a rollercoaster dating journey, she wonders what the happy ending for a twenty-first-century feminist even looks like. When she meets Billy, she begins to question everything: he isn’t ready to grow up but maybe she isn’t either. Or is she?

    • An exercise in agile publishing

      Friends voted on the cover through an instagram poll.


      This one won.

      Orders came in from all over the globe.


      100 copies were posted.


      We had an online proof party.

    • The inspiration behind the book

      Some random thoughts on dating

      As you get older, you put up with less bullshit.

      When it does click, the connection feels like something worth exploring and something VERY EXCITING. *But also, you don't let yourself get too excited because a lot of people can turn out to be total weirdos, or worse, can turn you into one.*

      You watch friends say vows + buy houses + have babies + generally "grow up"...

      But you notice that relationships are reflections. ‘Being in a relationship’ does not automatically mean someone’s in love or even happy. It just means that they’re tied to someone else.

      You get set up.

      Often out of boredom, you go on blind dates and realise you’re following a script and it's like an extended interview. Of course you're holding back, because who the hell is this person, really? A total stranger.

      Then you meet someone who breaks the script.

      Someone who’s unpredictable, surprising, wonderful. But when you’re sketching out a potential maybe someday future, it’s about where you’re both at…. not just in your careers and emotional compatibility. It's also about which city you're in.

    • A debut fiction novel by Adele Barlow

      Adele Barlow is the author of Finding Fulfilling Work, Leaving Law: How Others Did It & How You Can Too, and 8 Ways to Escape the MBA Debate. Her books explore the future of work for millennials based on her experiences helping to build career change platform Escape the City, where she spearheaded The Escape School. She has written for the Huffington Post, Real Business and City A.M. and now leads communications for Makers, a coding training provider helping to make the tech industry more inclusive. She created the UK's first Women in Software Power List in partnership with ComputerWeekly. Before moving to London, she grew up in Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia.

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