• Hi, I'm Adele.

    Through working with Escape the City, a community of motivated corporate professionals who want to "do something different" with their careers, I found myself quasi-counselling top graduates from the world’s leading universities. After accidentally moonlighting as their makeshift therapist and writing for The Huffington Post, I trained in cognitive behavioural coaching with the British Psychological Society and started Outbound Books, through which I published several books on 21st century careers. I've also produced and managed digital marketing content, partnerships and events for startups, corporations and agencies.

  • What I'm Working On

    The land of startups can be sexy and exciting and much has been written about how to validate an idea and raise funding. A largely untold aspect of the startup experience is the emotional side of the journey and the psychological roller coaster that many founders experience. Burnout, depression and anxiety are not necessarily rites of passage but can be common and inevitable. Though uncomfortable, these darker periods can be valuable opportunities for a founder's personal transformation.

  • Upcoming projects

    Birds on Mars

    Research on developing gender intelligence in organisations

    The Almost Girlfriend

    A digital fiction serial about pseudo-relationships in big cities

    Transition coaching

    Helping 'stuck' professionals (aged 21-35) through career change

  • In the 21st century, women are breaking traditional definitions of female identity.

    Women used to be defined solely in relation to the men who kept them at home. This story explores the complexities of being an ambitious female millennial, and the barrage of mixed messages: lean in, but not too far, because men don’t like feeling threatened. Date and marry, but don’t define yourself in relation to your husband and kids. Keep your job, but don’t out-earn your husband because men don’t like it when you’re the primary breadwinner. Try and get promoted, but also be there for your kids. Be a great worker and a great mother, even though the perfect worker is available 24/7, as is the perfect mother.

  • Coaching clients

    Using my background in tech startups and digital media, my coaching practice helps 21-35 year olds take a lean startup approach to their careers. The millennials I work with are 'stuck' in 'sensible' jobs and want to "do something different" but are not quite sure where to begin. Training in cognitive behavioural coaching with the British Psychological Society and coaching millennials from the following organisations inspired my initial books on career change.

  • No idea what to do with your career?

    5-star Amazon reviews:


    "Four words describe this handbook: gritty, sensible, motivational and liberating."


    "It is especially practical and has brilliant pearls of wisdom for graduates, but it can be helpful for those later in their careers as well."


    "If you're feeling a bit stuck, would definitely recommend."

  • Are you a frustrated lawyer?


    "Inspiring, insightful and in-depth. The most valuable element for me: affirmation that I was not alone in my thoughts and feelings - and that change was possible."

    (Former Magic Circle trainee)


    "As someone who knew from the first week of his training contract that conventional City law wasn't for me, I wish I had had a book like this to offer me some guidance, fellow war stories and, most importantly, options."

    (Mark Hosking)

  • Articles

    Read more on the Huffington Post here

    Why Female Entrepreneurs Are Scared to Lean In

    We have devalued what was traditionally considered women's work

    If you choose to pursue your own dreams instead of existing to support those of a man, you no longer need to apologise. Yet no matter how progressive we like to think we are...


    Top 10 tips for female entrepreneurs

    More women are taking the plunge and launching their own businesses

    If you want to feel good about making strides with building your business, you need to be around women who are comfortable with ambition and dreaming big.


    It's Okay Not to Be Passionate About Your Day Job

    Today's workplace seems to be much more than just a marketplace

    For millennials, 'work' has almost taken on a spiritual obligation - it has become a place where we are meant to find meaning and redeem not only ourselves but also the world around us.


    The Importance of Failure

    Any start-up exists because it is trying to achieve product-market fit

    You can be the best experimenter in the world but you still can’t control the results. You can only become better at influencing certain variables and reducing the time it takes you to synthesise the results into an action plan.  


    Overcoming the Overachiever's Quarter-Life Crisis

    If the answers were easy, there would be no stories to tell

    The more stories I hear, the more I realise that an impasse makes it is easy to feel anchorless, yet I am reminded by our members on a daily basis that we are lost only until we search for what may have been inside us all along.


  • Should you do an MBA?

    “The book takes the reader right to the questions that truly lie behind the MBA debate, once it comes up in your life. It helps with a clear process to get out of the mental confusion that everybody faces once they have to deal with that difficult and life changing decision. It does not provide you a prefixed answer to your personal MBA debate, which only you can solve for yourself, but confronts you with sharp questions and invaluable insights from insiders that will help you create your own individual and satisfying answer.”


    (Dirk, project manager, Germany)

  • Past speaking engagements

    I speak about digital marketing, entrepreneurial career development, and gender equality.


    Training EMEA Product Marketing Managers

    King's College

    Recruitment event: finding a job in tech startups

    The Guardian

    Instructor for digital masterclass on iterative product development

    Escape the City

    Host and facilitator for various events, Startup Tribe mentor

    Girl Geek Meetup

    Reflections on online community growth

    General Assembly

    Teaching social media strategies for startups

    NZ Trade & Enterprise

    Keynote speaker on social media trends

    KEA (Kiwi Expat Assoc.)

    Training SME owners in digital skills

    New Entrepreneurs 


    Panel speaker with Conservative MP and The Sunday Times Editorial Director

    Cambridge University Student Union

    Debate participant with Nicky Morgan, Former Secretary of State for Education


    Digital Future


    Speaker alongside then NZ Minister for Communications & IT David Cunliffe