• No idea what to do with your career?

    "An entertaining and helpful read that had me nodding my head in agreement throughout. It isn't easy to find a book that is as relatable as this one. It acted as a reassuring reminder that the struggle to fight and work hard for what is actually best for us vs. what we're told we should be doing is shared by many others."


  • Adele co-founded yMedia straight after university, an award-winning social enterprise helping students produce websites for charities. Having grown up in Hong Kong and New Zealand, she moved to London and led marketing for top tech startups such as Escape the City and Lexoo. She is now Head of Content & Communications at Makers.


    She has produced content and events for a range of companies in NZ and London. As part of her work at Makers, she created the UK's first Women in Software Power List.


    She founded Outbound Books, through which she wrote and published Finding Fulfilling Work, Leaving Law, and 8 Ways to Escape the MBA Debate. She has also been published in the Huffington Post. Her upcoming books are about life, love and business for millennial women.

  • On upcoming books & gender intelligent leadership

    "Are women supposed to act more like men in a corporate setting? Is that what leadership is or is there room for a new kind of leadership, which is a blend of both masculine and feminine leadership styles?"

  • Articles

    Read more on the Huffington Post here

    How do you start a business that changes the world?

    A profile on Icebreaker founder Jeremy Moon

    "Icebreaker has pioneered the new retail category of merino outdoor clothing and was conceived and designed around the philosophy of profitable sustainability."


    Brand New: Soho House Stories

    Celebrating six member-run businesses pushing boundaries

    Interviews with emerging startups from around the world, such as Bottlecode, The Grand Dishes Project, Project on Walls, and Grow Your Circle.


    Resilience in the Burnout Era

    On finding the strength to get back up

    "What I learned is until you let yourself have your crisis — or as I called it your Eat Pray Love moment — until you let yourself go through that, you’re not going to get to the other side of it."


    It's Okay Not to Be Passionate About Your Day Job

    Today's workplace is more than just a marketplace

    "For millennials, 'work' has almost taken on a spiritual obligation - it has become a place where we are meant to find meaning and redeem not only ourselves but also the world around us."


    The importance of failure

    From the 'How to start your purpose-driven business now' series

    "I used to avoid failure because it made me feel stupid. Then I noticed that anyone who had done anything interesting was immune to how failure made them feel."


    Overcoming the Overachiever's Quarter-Life Crisis

    If the answers were easy, there would be no stories to tell

    "An impasse makes it is easy to feel anchorless, yet I am reminded by our members on a daily basis that we are lost only until we search for what may have been inside us all along."


  • Are you a frustrated lawyer?


    "Inspiring, insightful and in-depth. The most valuable element for me: affirmation that I was not alone in my thoughts and feelings - and that change was possible."

    (Former Magic Circle trainee)

  • Past projects

    Soho House

    Written content production for a special members' issue (2019)


    MVP website and draft launch copy for Founders Academy (2019)


    Written content production for online academy and Club launch strategy (2017)

    Virgin Unite

    Report production for the entrepreneurial foundation of the Virgin Group (2016)


    Written content and PR management for legal tech startup (2016)

    Virgin Pure

    General marketing management for a startup within Virgin (2015)


    Video content production for The Career Psychologist (2014)

    Escape the City


    Helped Rob Fitzpatrick on London launch strategy of General Assembly (2012)

    Peace One Day

    Community and content strategy for UN-backed organisation via Blue State Digital (2011)


    Website account management for various internal initiatives within Pearson UK (2011)


    Event speaker and content production for the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (2010)


    Research and
    e-book production for an arm of NZ Trade & Enterprise (2010)


    Helping to support the IT industry through events and content for ITPNZ (2009)


    Research and report production for founder and CEO Rod Drury (2008)

    X Media Lab

    Event management for international conferences run by X Media Lab (2008)

  • Should you do an MBA?

    “The book takes the reader right to the questions that truly lie behind the MBA debate, once it comes up in your life. It helps with a clear process to get out of the mental confusion that everybody faces once they have to deal with that difficult and life changing decision.”


    (Dirk, project manager, Germany)

  • Selected Talks & Contributions

    Chief Innovation Officer Summit 2018

    "Trusting people to be adults and making them feel safe and letting them bring their whole self to work is the ideal but it's a work in progress."


    Cambridge Union

    Participated in a debate at the University of Cambridge discussing the motion ‘This House Would Lean In', alongside Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP.


    New Entrepreneurs Foundation Ladies-Only recruitment event

    "We’re the emotional human. We consistently believe we cannot do it, we understate our ideas, we give up easily. But the fact is, we can do it. And being emotional is what makes us so talented."


    Enterprise Social Technology

    Contributed to 'Chapter 1: Setting Social Tech goals' of Enterprise Social Technology: Helping Organizations Harness the Power of Social Media, Social Networking, Social Relevance, by Scott Klososky.


    New Entrepreneurs Foundation cohorts: digital marketing session

    "There are two ways to tell your story when you’re pitching your business. It makes your ‘pitch’ so much less offensive (you all know what I mean) and makes the conversation that you’re about to embark on just that. A conversation."


    How They Did It

    Produced e-book with over 50,000 views - a book designed for New Zealand business owners, in partnership with Capability NZ, part of New Zealand Trade & Enterprise.


  • Resilience in the Burnout Era

    "These days, it’s not only about following your passion, being smart, leaning in, and de-sexualising yourself to be taken seriously at work — it’s about not forgetting to be sexy outside of work, finding a partner, keeping that partner and having babies (or justifying why you’re not) and making sure those babies have an organic diet and limited screen time."

  • Interviews

    CIO Summit: Makers' pursuit to build a diverse and inclusive tech industry

    "In some ways, I feel like tech can make us lonelier – it's eroded the need for as much in-person communication as before, which in many ways is sad. But in other ways, it can connect people who wouldn't otherwise find each other, and that's hopeful."


    Broadminded: "Using business and books to do things differently"

    "The most interesting projects have always come from the most interesting conversations. Whenever I've needed inspiration, I've always come back to what excites me. If I've forgotten what that is, I go back to who excites me or which conversations have left me feeling really energised."


    Disruptors magazine: "What it means to initiate a lean career"

    "The book focuses on practical tools for grads, or people who are building a career from scratch without financial or familial obligations. There’s a unique window of unparalleled freedom and flexibility that recent graduates have, and I’m trying to help them maximise that."


    Talk Editor: "Helping You Find Fulfilling Work"

    "When I graduated from university, I felt like I was stumbling around in the dark, and I kept looking for a flashlight in the form of a mentor or a map or something that would magically make the process much easier."


    What I see: "A global exploration of what it means to be a woman"

    "We still work in a world built and run by men. As any minority rises to power, the status quo is threatened. So the dominant members of the status quo will fight to preserve their position, constructing and enforcing systems that keep things exactly the way they are."