• Adele Barlow is Head of Partnerships & Diversity Initiatives at Makers, a coding training provider in London committed to making the tech industry more inclusive.


    She is also a transition coach and author of Finding Fulfilling Work, Leaving Law: How Others Did It & How You Can Too, and 8 Ways to Escape the MBA Debate, based on her time working with career change platform Escape the City.


    She writes for the Huffington Post and has spoken at Google, The Guardian, and The Cambridge Union on startups, gender equality, and entrepreneurial career development.


    Passionate about the power of technology to empower and heal, she trained in cognitive behavioural coaching with the British Psychological Society and has been a content producer for various startups including Xero, Lexoo, and Virgin Pure.


    During her final year of university, she co-founded award-winning initiative yMedia, which connected digital media students with charity organisations and was supported by Microsoft, IBM, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

  • No idea what to do with your career?

    5-star Amazon reviews:


    "Four words describe this handbook: gritty, sensible, motivational and liberating."


    "It is especially practical and has brilliant pearls of wisdom for graduates, but it can be helpful for those later in their careers as well."


    "If you're feeling a bit stuck, would definitely recommend."

  • Excerpt from 'Finding Fulfilling Work'

    "What millennials are facing is a world in which their parents and teachers cannot guide them, because the world has so drastically changed in recent decades. Before the level of mobility that we experience now, identity was inherited as opposed to constructed.


    In this era of extended adolescence, we are dealing with what sociologist Zygmont Bauman called 'liquid modernity'. The existential angst overshadowing the millennial subconscious means that we can find ourselves torn between freedom and security. Creating a liveable balance between the two – embracing responsibility without feeling suffocated by commitments – is a new challenge.


    In increasingly globalised, mobile, digital circumstances, this new liquidity means that our mash-up life stories can be arranged and dissembled in whatever city we choose – the paths are no longer as straightforward or as clear, because they are no longer inherited. The idea that we construct our identities, rather than inheriting them, strikes at the root of this new existential anxiety."


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  • Helping millennials build resilience in transition


    A private coaching practice helping 21-35 year olds to kickstart their career transition, based on the principles outlined in Finding Fulfilling Work. Clients have come from the following organisations.

    What others have said


    "Thank you for helping me to clarify how I'm feeling, and hopefully providing me with the tools to break the fear cycle and get going with the career and lifestyle that I actually want."


    "You were really inspiring - refreshingly honest, open and I loved your style of sharing."


    "I think if you had one superpower, it would be to be able to make people feel the best about themselves, like the ability to just tell someone it's okay, help them map out a solution and move forward in their lives."


    "You have a really engaging, informative and empathetic style."


    "Inspiring, thought provoking and really useful to get into action."


    Learn more through a free, no-obligation inquiry here.


  • Are you a frustrated lawyer?


    "Inspiring, insightful and in-depth. The most valuable element for me: affirmation that I was not alone in my thoughts and feelings - and that change was possible."

    (Former Magic Circle trainee)


    "As someone who knew from the first week of his training contract that conventional City law wasn't for me, I wish I had had a book like this to offer me some guidance, fellow war stories and, most importantly, options."

    (Mark Hosking)

  • Articles

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    How Do You Start a Business That Changes the World?

    A profile on Icebreaker founder Jeremy Moon

    Icebreaker has pioneered the new retail category of merino outdoor clothing and was conceived and designed around the philosophy of “profitable sustainability”.


    It's Okay Not to Be Passionate About Your Day Job

    Today's workplace seems to be much more than just a marketplace

    For millennials, 'work' has almost taken on a spiritual obligation - it has become a place where we are meant to find meaning and redeem not only ourselves but also the world around us.


    Overcoming the Overachiever's Quarter-Life Crisis

    If the answers were easy, there would be no stories to tell

    The more stories I hear, the more I realise that an impasse makes it is easy to feel anchorless, yet I am reminded by our members on a daily basis that we are lost only until we search for what may have been inside us all along.


  • Should you do an MBA?

    “The book takes the reader right to the questions that truly lie behind the MBA debate, once it comes up in your life. It helps with a clear process to get out of the mental confusion that everybody faces once they have to deal with that difficult and life changing decision. It does not provide you a prefixed answer to your personal MBA debate, which only you can solve for yourself, but confronts you with sharp questions and invaluable insights from insiders that will help you create your own individual and satisfying answer.”


    (Dirk, project manager, Germany)

  • Past speaking engagements


    Training EMEA Product Marketing Managers

    King's College

    Recruitment event: finding a job in tech startups

    The Guardian

    Instructor for digital masterclass on iterative product development

    Girl Geek Meetup

    Reflections on online community growth

    NZ Trade & Enterprise

    Keynote speaker on social media trends

    General Assembly

    Teaching social media strategies for startups

    Cambridge University

    Debate participant with Nicky Morgan, former Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities

    New Entrepreneurs


    Panel speaker with Conservative MP and The Sunday Times Editorial Director